((Eath and her boys. Because baby krogans make me happy and mama Eath makes me happier.))

Eath talking to her employer I suppose. Either drawing Eath too small or turian too big. /squints

((Because Eath gets a discount from her tailor if she lets her go completely bat shit on designs. Or rather: excuses to draw her clothes. I am her tailor.))

((I shouldn’t do traditional art))

((speaking of heads. how do I draw you eath…))

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Marauder Shields Audiobook 14: United We Stand… by koobismo


You know I wasn’t expecting that. 

((But yeah that thing that I was reminded of was baby krogan wear…))


Mamie Shepard, ???, Gelac Eath (Krogan), “Retsina” (Asari), Soda Fewio “Wasp”, Nona (Batarian), Saide “Bumble” (Turian), “Anthosmia” “Mama Bee” (Asari), Mishxa “Trigger” (Turian), Mnemosyne “QB (Queen Bee)”

All my Mass Effect babies. A few I haven’t drawn in awhile. Think I may actually mention the Hive in Eath’s account…

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